Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welcome to Shapia!

Once again we find ourselves on the blog, second time in under a month! From the looks of it, this is something you will surely see more often. By "From the looks of it" I am speaking about the hyper-speed development the team began after the last post we made.

Five days ago we posted an image of our first ever AST party, in this image was a bunch of Shapians of all different shapes and colors (pun intended) jumping up and down on some grass. Now the world is overgrown with flowers, trees, bushes, clouds, rocks, and our very own minigame! We stopped ourselves from adding more features that lay at our very finger tips so that we could finally, for once, meet the deadline we set.  For real.

Although we would love to talk more about how awesome the game is, we would love to give thanks to the guy who invented links!

Obviously this is something important ...*whistles*...

The party starts at 9pm, EST!

Be there or be square.... you can be a square anyway, that's cool too.

- Connor & Allen

P.S. if you have any issues such as unable to start the client, errors, bugs, or anything that you may find important, you can contact:  The party doesn't start until 9pm EST if you can't play before then... its your fault for jumping the gun.  See you there!


  1. Ugh. My internet just won't even let me get past 0.2mb downloading the client for some reason. I don't have any idea why it's so slow now when it was fine earlier today. :/

    Any chance you guys will be hosting it tomorrow, too? I wanted to make it. >_<

  2. it should be up all night, if we are expecting down time, you will be informed via twitter for now.

  3. Love it! I have a question though: Can you chat? Because that would be nice.

    Also, I figured out that I could make a texture pack for your game. Your graphics are so nice though, I don't know why I would. I'm a horrible artist. But it is kind of fun to edit it.

  4. Thanks! :D

    We do not have a chat just yet, but in our next release there will be a chat, for now its all body language haha. We might start an IRC soon, if so there will be a link.

    As far as texture packs go, we recently had this discussion, and it is surely something we might want to implement.

  5. Also, I noticed graphics for butterflies, or, as you named them, shutterflies. I didn't see any in game, but they will add great aesthetic value when you add them in.

  6. Can't connect :<

    It crashes on 'First-creating an object'

  7. hey sorry for not responding, if it crashes you need to:

    restart the client
    enter your name
    enter "y" when it asks if you want to look at advanced options
    then enter the number 1
    enter "n" to leave the options
    continue with shape and color.