Monday, September 5, 2011

Hiring! No Joke!

Hey guys, this is Allen. (programming team leader for any new readers who should check out the About page.)

Recently we have made the final decision to work with an embedded Lua interpreter. What does this mean? For players this means:

+Easier to make, and safer to use mods
+More frequent and less disruptive updates

What this means for us:

+More rapid game component development
-New work to maintain the interface between C++ and Lua
-A brand new language which the team is less strong in

I have already begun experimenting and working on how interfacing between C++ code and Lua code works, and I intend for it to be my primary job to keep the connection between the two working.

I have a small amount of Lua experience, and Mike another member also has a good deal of experience BUT with a brand new language in the mix we'd like a dedicated Lua programmer.


We are looking for someone proficient in Lua 5.1, who has experience in embedded interpreters and game design. We need someone who is dedicated to making the game, even with no pay guaranteed. The Lua programming won't start at least until October, but we also need help with some basic design details. We are only hiring one person for now and we aren't sure how many interested people there will be but if you are interested, email me at:

'Till next time!
watch your language.