Hey there! We're Team OverReact, a small Indie-game studio run over the internet. Previously called "Bandit Games", the team started in 2009 with it's 2 leaders Connor Hart and Allen Webster. During that time, they have developed titles such as: DigBox, Recall, and 2 mini games for A Shapian's Tale, ASBG, and ASC. Now, Team OverReact has formed into a more organized and creative development studio in the process of it's first official title: A Shapian's Tale! Help us make you games by supporting our name and playing/testing our ideas! You can view more info about A.S.T. on it's game page.

Who is Team OverReact?

Connor HartArt Director, Lead Designer (aka Boss Man)
Allen Webster - Lead Programmer, Systems Designer
Emmanuel Nieves - Lead Concept Artist, Writer
Tyler Camp
- Auxiliary Programmer, Systems Designer
Cameron Erickson - Graphic Artist
Mike VanDetta - Programmer
Luke Escude - Server Host
Charles Kirby- Junior Designer
Edward Kulb - Graphic Designer