Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Shapian Launch

Hey guys what's up? Allen here and I am going to give you the break down about what's coming up.

The second poll is up and it looks like we'll be releasing a public demo tomorrow. After that all of our specially selected testers are going to begin testing the game development from there until... well the next public demo. The demo will be linked to here, and on the yoyogames forums.

Which reminds me to say, testers, if you receive a mailing list invite to my email address ( accept it. That is the mailing list for our testers only. We will be distributing closed testing files through that email. Please don't leak it all! We're trusting you guys!

We'll be using this as the game chat until we make in game chatting.

Can't wait to see everyone that shows up for the demo! It's almost here now, getting excited would be appropriate.


Monday, March 28, 2011

And that makes 10!


As always we have some more good news for overreact, and AST! Today we got another programmer on the team! His name is Mike VanDetta, he is currently working on applications such as level editors, item editors, ect. With him on the team, it puts our number into the double digits! We are very glad that he is on the team, as it will save us time and frustration with the level editor that will be needed soon.

So, in other news, we are getting the list together for the testing team! As of now, we have 32 testers and we are hoping to reach 50, if not, then 35 is the cap.The demo should be ready by Thursday, if not Wednesday. The demo won't be the best show off for everything the game has to offer, this is merely just testing physics, networking, and some other small things. As April progresses, so will AST as it moves towards a complete demo. As for "testing physics" you will be pushing blocks around with your friends, and i figured I would get onto making those today, this is my progress thus far:

Well i hope you guys like what you see so far! the other should be done by the end of the night, which reminds me....I need to get back to work!

See ya guys!