Friday, March 18, 2011

Kickstarter approved!

Hello all!

Sorry for such a delay in our posting, we have been very busy with so many things! We have some great news, and some bad news as well. The bad news isn't actually so bad, as it has made us think of what our future will be as a indie game team. So lets start with that shall we!

The bad:

Recently, Indie-Fund release their funding terms to the public, and we immediately read them line after line until we found something bad. And after I thought everything was fine and dandy, our writer John, came across a line which changed our minds about applying for indie-fund...

"You are an actual company"

After I was told that we needed to be an actual company, some thoughts ran through the head of the team. Should we turn OverReact into an official company? We pondered over this for a good amount of time, before we came to the decision that we would not apply for Indie-Fund. However, we do want to turn OverReact in an official company this summer, or some time after. So there is SOME good that came out of this semi-bad news!

The Good:

Now to pick up your spirits, we do have some very great news for the team and AST! Our original graphic artist Zach Barnett was suppose to be doing all the graphics for AST, however he has been busy with a project which he started before joining the team. So with this news, we searched for another artist to join the team to replace his spot on the project(not the team, he is still here).

We found a guy named Cameron Erickson who we have known for a little over 2 years now. It took me a week to realize he would be perfect for the job, so I asked him if he would join just a few days ago, and he gladly accepted. Since then he has completed the Leunamme circles basic movement animations, edited the blog icons(look at around!), and is now working on the logo for the game; we are very glad to have him on the team, and hope it stays that way.

In other great news! We submitted our Kickstarter project, and it has recently received approval by the administrators! We are very excited to launch the project, however we need to make a video, and set up our backer rewards. Also, after finding out that Luke's server can hold up to millions of users, we lowered our amount of needed funding($20,000) to $6,000, an amount we can all wrap our heads around. This funding will go towards all the equipment on the team. It will help me purchase a new laptop, so i can get off of vista, and stop propping my headphone jack with a AA battery. Also it will help Patrick get a working keyboard(musical keyboard), and some better sound equipment. And just help the team with whatever else we need to complete this John's golden 2B pencil....

As for AST, we have a good bit of news there as well! Patrick has made a few theme songs for the game, which are godly as ever. Allen and Tyler have been working on the engine and the networking and should be testing it all by the end of this weekend! And as usual, I have been pumping out some epic concept art to help Cameron with his awesome vector animations. We are on schedule(hopefully), and should be ready to release when we planned!

So as you can see there has been a lot happening with the team and AST. We are working hard to make you guys happy, and hopefully our next post will announce the launch of our Kickstarter project, and some more great news on AST!

I know this is all so stressful, but it will all pay off in the end!