Friday, July 1, 2011

Systems online

Hello all, I waited for the recent poll to close to make another post so here i go!

Recently we have gotten yet another team member! His name is Benjamin Bias, and so far he is not highly opinionated. His specializes in Networking, so you know what that means! We are finally getting over the dreadful networking hill in this project. Only after having him for a few days did he have our recent demo running online. It still had some issues, but he and the rest of the programming team are working on fixing those, to finally have something stable to show you guys! While the networking is being done, Allen has been revising the game engine, taking out unnecessary pieces of code, and simplifying others. Everything seems to be going smoothly, and we are well on our way to getting over this hill we all hate.

In other news, Allen has been doing some experiments with matrices, and has discovered very very powerful methods which we can use in many areas for not only AST, but for other projects we get involved in. However, I will wait for him to post sometime this coming week, in which he will go over some programming info in detail.

As for the poll you see to the right, we were surprised we didn't get more votes actually. We received 12 votes, 10 of which were likes, and 2 of which were dislikes. Pretty good numbers, and we are pleased. we would like to have gotten more likes, but hey we can't always get what we want. We will have another poll up once we make another release, which i am not sure when that will be. However! The next release will allow everyone to play together, online. So if there is anything to really be excited for, it is that you can play with your friends finally!

I think that is it for this post, we hope to have more info soon!


P.S. Yes i did use two memes in one post :3