Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress Is Contagious

As Connor mentioned in the previous blog post, a wave of productivity hit us across the face a few weeks ago. Now we are cooking through important work faster than I think we ever have. Sure we're still busy with school but just in the last two days of this weekend we've:

created a video
reorganized our kickstarter efforts
finalized a networking library interface
got the band back together
and started a lua testing minigame

A few other things have happened, but they don't count as the last two days, so they were left out. Now as I mentioned we created a video:

The Cat Traps Are Working

Progress has to be made on the minigame while the Networking library is developed by Ben, but hopefully we will be able to post a very entertaining minigame soon.

As mentioned in the video we are also going to have another indie(Function) interview coming up this February. We are looking forward to it and if you heard the last interview you probably are too. (Just sayin' those guys are really good at what they do). To follow indie function look for them on twitter and go to their site:


There's a lot more coming down the pipe, hats on and don't look up... some of the things coming down are going to be big!