Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back and kicking!

Hello to the greatest fans/people who stumbled upon our blog and are deciding whether to leave or not!

So let me start by saying: I have officially moved to Burlington, Vermont! Yep that's right, I am now a full time student at Chaplain College for Game Design! So far the experience is remarkable, from the scenery to my professors, everything here is amazing. And I have even more great news! Thanks to the fact that I only have class for 2 1/2 hours a day, I have more time for A Shapian's Tale! Ahhhh so many exclamation marks right? very exciting stuff guys, very exciting. Now lets move on to some more.....say serious matters, shall we?

Recently we have been discussing a better way for the team to document progress, and stay on te same page rather than trying to find out the scoop on skype. So we have decided that we need a website of some sort which will allow all of us to make notes of what we are doing, what we need to do, and what we have done. But here is where you come in! We want our fans(you odd bunch of people) to view milestones of progress so that you all can see that we are indeed working, and not sitting here preparing for the next world disaster....even though that isn't a bad idea. these milestones will basically be a compilation of all the notes, strenuous, concept etc. which we produce. We will indeed keep making posts on here, but we figure some of you would like to see the chefs make your food right before you eyes :D

As well as that main entree there will be some more appetizers for you all to test and taste! Right now from the looks of our situation, the next payable content could arrive between September and December. And we are hoping that it isn't the latter, but that may be the case. For this next release we are aiming to include some more key features, and slowly move away from the sandbox style you have experienced. Also, this next release should also hold the title of "Alpha" I would like to give you a list of what will be in this release, but then I would not have anything to talk about in my next Vlog entry now would I?

'Till next time this was your neighborhood friendly game designer,