A Shapian's Tale


The game: The World of Shapia 

Hello adventurer! You have just entered the world of A Shapian's Tale, an online puzzle-platformer based on three core foundations: teamwork, history, and personality! Your character enters the vast world of Shapia, surrounded by adventure and reward. Each aspect of your character helps open up new opportunities that allow you to embark on a plethora of quests whilst encountering strange new events, meeting friendly and not-so-friendly friends, and discovering awesome places. So grab your gear and gird your loins!
Players work together throughout the game to fight various enemies, solve intricate puzzles, and complete quests; which help “shape” the storyline and make it come to life! The involvement in the game comes from the community of players and personalities, which allow the player (that’s you!) to attend festivities, go fishing, hunt, search for treasure, and save princesses, continuing your epic quests to create a name for your Shapian! Keeping that in mind, the three bases that help make the gameplay more interactive and exciting are Adventuring, Crafting, and Mercantile.

            History plays a main role for A Shapian’s Tale in that it starts out… with you! It incorporates its own history which players live through based upon REAL time. Prewritten Shapian History and Lore occurs with every update and expansion of A Shapian’s Tale.

The Online aspect of A Shapian's Tale is a mix of MMO and session play. These sessions can hold up to 8 players at a time. During your journey, you discover the many towns, castles, villages, settlements, outposts and other establishments placed all around Shapia. Cities are where players come to meet with one another, buy items to prepare for long escapades, share art, inform each other of the local lore, flora and fauna, start a business, or even run for mayor. But beyond every is the wilderness… a place of wondrous yet eerie atmosphere where players get could get lost from collecting items and materials.

Shapia's vastness is not only in it's size though. The world consists of many elaborate details allowing you to customize your gameplay down to the seasonings you add to your spaghetti, or the way you prefer your sword to be sharpened. The world not only consists of things to do, but ways to add your style as well. It's a game about getting your style known, carrying a status of importance, and getting your tale written down in the history of Shapia as the players live out the story! *angels begin to sing*

Here are some things you will find and play as in A Shapian’s Tale. (so far!)

Campaigns: Another way AST is bringing something new to the table is its use of campaigning. You might say, "But Team OverReact! Games have done that! Derp derp derrrp!" This is true, however I ensure you that what you are thinking of is not how we’ve designed this idea. In many games, there is a "campaign mode" in which the player(s) engages in a predefined storyline, and subsequently reach the end. But what if we told you that you had the capability… to make the storyline yourself? And that your fellow players who fight alongside you could be recorded in Shapian history? Campaigns mix the storyline of a single player game, and the real time environment of a MMO to give you something marvelous. Campaigns are basically huge, collaborative quests, which can take up to weeks (in Shapian time of course!) to complete. They can lead up to the release of expansions, and other big updates as well.

Shaping Yourself: In A.S.T., you are given 3 different “body-types” to choose from: the circle, triangle, and square (in that order!). The circle is the fastest, the triangle is the best with a bow, and that the square can dual-wield. Not only are they gifted with natural abilities, but they also use their difference to their advantage: such as the cunning circle who gets away from situation by its allusiveness, the intelligent triangle who is the most balance, all-around character, and the mighty square who excels in strength and has unique power moves. Playing with these three choices will help you get to understand THEIR function and YOUR playing style.

Mercantile: Many MMOs consist of battling monsters, leveling up your character, and collecting items to trade them. However, AST is taking a different approach to the world of MMOs. Players will not have to battle monsters over and over again, just to collect the gold it drops. You will have the choice to go about the game a different way. That way, is mercantile. If you always wanted to make items and gain money with your crafting skills, or have a shop to sell potions and scrolls to fellow players, AST is one place where that is possible.


To get a good look at A Shapian's Tale a little further, you can check out the overview. This will be updated occasionally with edits to information (if needed) and the addition of new features.

                       --- Emmanuel Nieves, Team OverReact
                                              “Experience Together.”