Thursday, April 14, 2011

Work work work....

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since i have spoken here.....almost 3 weeks in fact O_O

Well either way, Allen has been covering things on the blog pretty nicely, good job. I have been quite busy outside of AST, recently was accepted to Champlain College for their Game Design major. And I have to pay some deposits before the 1st of May.

However, I do always find time to come on, and see how the tech demo is looking. And it seems to be going well. You may be thinking to yourself "How so? You missed your deadline 2 weeks ago! D:" but I am very aware of the deadline we missed. However, we are still making the game even though we are 2 weeks off. Allen is in the process of rewriting some of the fundamental parts of our engine, but the sooner we do this, the less of a chance we miss more deadlines. He seems to be working rather quickly, and we are hoping to have everything working the way it should soon. We do have something playable....well......something working. I wouldn't call it "playable" since the amount of lag really makes things next to impossible to play. So these rewrites and fixes will really make things work the way we intended them to.

On the graphics side of things, we did finished the logo! :D check it out:

We will be making a few tweaks, but this is mainly what the logo will look like. It took a while to get thigns right, and we are very satisfied. However we would like if you told us what you think, so please leave a comment below!

With that I say, Hasta Luego!