Saturday, March 24, 2012

And they said: "Let there be a party"

Hello folks, have we got a treat for you today! We find ourselves in an usual position this Saturday, we are ahead of schedule... the things we had planned for next Saturday came together so quickly, that just said "Hey why not, do it this week?" So, if you have not already guessed, that means, AST Party 3!

Here are instructions on how the game will work from here on out, after today, we will very rarely have to post new updates onto the blog. Today you will download the AST launcher, running the launcher will automatically download and start the game for you. If there are updates it will automatically download them, and if the updater is updated, the updater will be automatically updated! The only work left up to you is to play A Shapians Tale.

The updater, to bind all updaters

More features are packed into the game as well, so AST Party 3 will be the best one yet! Party begins at 9pm EST, the server will be down until then. Hope to see you there!

Please, no photographs,
Allen Webster

P.S. as usual email me at if you have any urgent issues.