Friday, April 8, 2011

Lazy Week

Hey guys it's Allen again... so, it's nearly been a week since we pulled our heart breaking April Fools joke. For those of you who missed it, sorry, forgot to post it on the blog. We made a fake demo and rick roll'd a lot of fans on the yoyogames forums. The truth is a real demo is still just getting ready. We have a little something, but it is still very buggy, and some of the engine concepts appear to need some tweaking. We aren't going to release anything until we're satisfied with our work.

I am personally on vacation in Boston this week. So I have been forcing myself to stay off of the work... I love the game, but I don't wish to be a workaholic. I decided the least I could do is keep in touch with everyone. I will be back into the normal work schedule in just a few days, and who knows when the real demo will actually be read then. Again if you haven't already accepted the request to join my mailing list all official testing will happen through that mailing list.

Finally I would like to address an issue I think I have noticed. I was browsing around on kickstarter and realized I hadn't seen any successful MMO games. I searched it, and of the four projects three are failed, and one is going to fail in about nine days. The second part of the issue is this: Our game is all about team work at it's core. It's not going to work if you don't have people there to play with you. So for those two reasons, I compel you! If you know anyone who likes games, or MMOs, or whatever other reason you can think to love A Shapians Tale, point us out! Theoretically, if everyone reading this right now told just one friend to check out the blog. The entire community could suddenly double in size. It's that simple.

"Just some poorly articulated thoughts, written at midnight."

By Allen Webster