Sunday, November 6, 2011

Humble News For AST.

Like times and times before, things have sort of died out for the team and the project. School has become a priority, and the programmers have become busy with school work. But now with thanksgiving break closing in, the team has had more time for development! Lua is working correctly, and we are working on interfacing it with what we have currently working. 

Things are a bit behind schedule, like the kickstarter launch for instance. But we are still very close to getting those squared away. Right now our Graphic Designer Ed Kulb is looking to have all 13 avatars done before December. We hope to have the video finished with a soundtrack from Composer Patrick Moriarty by the first week of December. What does this mean for you guys? This means you will be able to follow are kickstarter project and possibly see an Alpha Demo just in time for the holidays! Now this all seems great, but we are still running a tight schedule, and look at this as merely a possibility.

Some other news, there is word of a possible "Humble AST Bundle", which will include a copy if the game, and various items exclusive to the "Humble Bundle". If this falls through, you guys will have a chance to buy the game just by "Naming it's Price". We are currently figuring all of this out, and will have a final decision once the Alpha releases. Some very exciting news for the game, but what about us? What about OverReact?

Well, there is currently some business going on with Founder Connor Hart and Law Firm Merritt & Merritt & Moulton. This means there is a very large chance OverReact will officially be known as OverReact inc. We hope that once this all happens OverReact will have a studio sometime next year or the year after. So OverReact is doing really good, and is only getting better! :D

Lastly I want to mention the last poll we put up, and its results. We are very pleased to only see 1 "No" result out of 20. We can't wait to have the project launch, and see the results! Also, I wanted to say that if you have any questions you can leave a comment below, or shoot me and email at:

Thanks guys, and stay tuned, more news very soon!