Saturday, July 23, 2011

Multiplayer for multiple players

Hello dearest of fans and other people who are reading this!

Today I am here to tell you 3 great things that OverReact has accomplished. To start things off, I will present you with the latest concept art made by Connor Hart(me), it shows a very epic boss battle of some shapians and  a powerful fire mage. This image took about 8 hours to develop and it turned out great. It looks great as your desktop background too, so hurry up and save it as so :D

This concept is going to be a poster, and be set as a reward when we launch our kickstarter project. So to anyone who wants this hanging in their room, help us out on kickstarter(after we launch of course).

Now for the next great news! Me and Allen are having an interview with Indie(Function); for A Shapian's Tale! you can listen through their site, or just listen right below, we hope many of you listen in and hear the inside scoop of what we are up to with the game! :D

Lastly, we would like to present you with the greatest news we have, the news you have been waiting for for too long.....Today, A Shapian's Tale goes online! Yep i know what your thinking(i think), and we aren't joking this time! You can find this demo on the A Shapian's Tale page at the very bottom. The demo includes the following features:
  • Block physics - three different blocks to choose from
  • Drawing terrain - using the mouse with key combinations
  • Drawing trampolines - same as drawing terrain(uses alt)
  • Multiplayer! - yeah pretty obvious but its the best feature!
IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the controls in the command window!!

You can come chat with us on our IRC channel(since we don't have chatting yet) which is: #AST on the SlashNET sever

AST Tech Demo - Online

That about does it for today's post! make sure you vote in the new poll, and tell us what you think about the demo! With that i advise you not to overreact although it may be difficult not to