Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Thanksgiving Day

Hello our faithful fans!

Today is the American holiday Thanksgiving. Although I try to be well cultured, I do not really know anything about other countries on this matter. Do they have their own version of the holiday at some time of year? Do any celebrate thanksgiving on this same day? I am just unaware.

But the reason I brought up the holiday at all is because it got me thinking about... you guessed it A Shapian's Tale.

You see, on this kick starter project we are going to run, we are looking to raise thousands of dollars. It occurred to me that with that money, in some parts of the world, one hundred people could be fed for nearly a month. So, for me anyway, I have to have a pretty good reason to ask for money that I am going to spend a game.

Not that I don't love games, but at the end of the day they do fall in the luxury category. As in, completely unnecessary for survival, no matter how awesome they are.

So I have decided personally (I have not talked to anyone on the team for about a week because I have been busy with school work) that I will donate 80% of my income from the game to fighting starvation throughout the world. For this reason I will also be taking the job more seriously and scraping every bit of time I can get to focus on it.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving to anyone who's into that.
Allen Webster