Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moar News!

Hello, hello!

So we are moving across the halfway point of April and even in 14 days a lot has been underway. As far as development news for AST, we are currently implementing some more functionality in our C++ code in order to make the party system work correctly. Now this does mean we will be a bit behind as compared to the previous weeks, but you will find that this next update is worth the wait. How so you ask?

Well for starters there will be much more to do in this update, this is mainly because the Shapians are no longer alone! These other beings are the very first Shanimals the Shapians have ever seen, and what better to do than hunt them!? That's right, we are equipping all players with a spear, and their own inventory for resource gathering. For now, you wont be able to throw the spear, but fierce jabbing should do the trick. Once you have successfully hunted a Shanimal you will be able to take their meat, bone, and hide. The uses of these items have not been made clear yet, however that is something we will have figured out before you all have a chance to play. We are thinking of what shanimals would be best to see in the game, and since we want to make it as caveman as we can, we have went with the Great Squelk, and the Wolly Squammoth. We do want some type of aerial shanimal, as well as another medium-sized one. So we will see what we come up with!

In addition to some development news, last week I had an exclusive interview with On The Prowl's Shane Bradley (@Shanejawn). On The Prowl is an up and coming podcast show which has a segment on video games, so make sure you follow them! The interview was about 26 minutes long, and packed with tons of info on AST. We discuss release dates, gameplay possbilities, as well as a chance we could see shapian's in space one day! you can listen below:

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or you can listen here

To wrap it up, lets look at the poll! So this most recent poll was indeed our biggest, with over 40 votes! So thank you to anyone out there who voted, we love to see what you all want the most. Speaking of which, what were the results thus far? The race between mercantile, quests, and buildings has not been a competitive one, at least for quests that is. We have buildings at 8 votes, mercantile at 10 votes, and quests at a staggering 26 votes! Although there are 3 days left to vote, I would be most surprised of quests where to lose the race.

With that said, we can't wait to show hunting to you all soon, and if you haven't voted please do so!

Until next time, this was your friendly neighborhood game designer,

-Connor Hart